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The Perry Drug story - changing the way local pharmacies operate

Press Release: August 09, 2017

We have all heard stories of mom and pop shops being run out of businesses when the likes of Walmart and Walgreens move into town. Perry Drug (video) is a pharmacy in Overland Park, KS who has beat the odds and is flourishing as a local, community run business operating beside international giants. By sticking to their roots, Perry Drug has become a go-to pharmacy for Overland Park locals.

When you are prescribed medication, your life and daily routines typically need to adjust to ensure you are taking the right amounts at the right time to receive health benefits. Some medications are branded while others are generic, which can have a large effect on your wallet. Rather than adjusting your lifestyle, compounding pharmacies like Perry Drug works to adjust medications to suit your lifestyle.

A big advantage is that Perry Drug is qualified as a compounding and specialty pharmacy. They have the right credentials to formulate the medicines in the prescribed proportions. Many ailments might require custom patient medicine packaging. This pharmacy is adept at this procedure. You have the option to have your prescriptions bubble packed to ensure better medication compliance and/or adherence.

The physician prescribes the right doses for you, however, taking them is your duty and responsibility. Compounding pharmacies go through your prescriptions in detail and prepare the required formulations in the right proportion. Some medication doses can be formulated to capsules, liquids or creams and can be custom packed into individual doses to help you time your medications just right.

It can be sometimes difficult to find a pharmacy that caters to special medication drugs. This is because there is a restriction on the number of pharmacies that can participate in the programs like Arbor E-Z program. You have the facility to discount more than one drug when using these programs. This pharmacy accepts insurance plans and arranges for proper receipts to submit to the insurance companies. Perry Drug is looking out for its customers by finding and offering the best programs available; service that goes above and beyond what is expected at your typical super store pharmacy, and helps on saving costs.

Perry Drug is also bringing convenience to the community. You can order your prescription refills via their website or one of their two mobile apps. They undertake to formulate/prepare your prescriptions and deliver it to you for free depending on the area you reside. Mail services are also available for a fee.

Overland Park residents are choosing the small pharmacies. Michael Abare is one of those customers. “My wife left the big chain pharmacies because they could never seem to fill her order properly - ~15 RX's per month. Always fighting their auto-refill system, not getting straight answers when issues, a few flat-out deceptions, and simply ongoing poor customer service even to the point of rudeness. She left and came to Perry Drug based on a doctor's recommendation”.

Michael goes on to say “It is a wonderful feeling when the pharmacy staff knows me and my wife by name. They know our health issues and have always taken care of us. They've have dealt with our insurance carriers and doctors as needed, they have offered rebates as they are available, they have gone out of their way in after hour scenarios to help us.”

If you reside in the Overland Park area, Perry Drug is a testament of the little guys who have learned how to thrive when the big guys come to town. You get a personal touch when you make your order through Perry Drug – something that the big guys like Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Costco have yet to figure out. Visit http://www.perrydrugonline.com

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