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The patent search and copyright terms of Muthirai

Press Release: March 25, 2020

A patent search is a right granted to an inventor for his discovery. It updates the owner the right to decide how others uses his invention. To receive a patent, the owner must enclose all the technical information about his invention to the public in the patent application. Patents Act is the umbrella legislation related to patents in India. The primary objective of the law is to encourage new technologies and innovation. Copyright is a legal term that protects artistic and literary works. It covers works ranging from books, music, paintings, films, advertisements, computer programs, databases, maps, and technical drawings. In India, the Copyright Act governs laws related to copyright. The copyright law aims to balance interests of creators and also supports the public in having a wide access of content. In Muthirai you can find the complete range of corporate legal services to new business formation along with the trademark, copyright, logo registration, patent and brand registration in India.

About our Patent Services

Muthirai’s Patent registration department comprises professionals with scientific, engineering, along with legal qualifications and experience. It is aware of technical development and able to handle any matter concerning patents. The department handles the drafting patent specifications the processing of incoming patent applications is to be filled through associates in every country of the world. Our patent practice is divided according to scientific and engineering disciplines. Muthirai serves clients including companies in complex technologies, communications, and manufacturing industries. In representing these clients, we deal with every issue identifying patentable innovations, securing and protecting patents. We have obtained patents in almost every area, including digital and analogue electronics, computer hardware and software, complex electrical and mechanical devices, chemical composition, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, warfare technology, medical equipment, video and audio processing equipment and computerized systems and communications. Please feel free to consult us to find specific patent law and any further help on protection of patents registration and utility models.

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