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'The Only Hope': Author Ravi R Naik's next novel to release in October

Press Release: September 22, 2020

The book's title — The only hope — and its cover were revealed by the author on Monday. It will be Ravi R Naik's second novel and 3rd book overall. His last release was The New D Street which was a suspense thriller.

The only hope is a love story set in the style of 1994. The story is about an orphan boy who suffers from glossophobia; he can't talk to strangers or in public places. He finds it hard to stay in an orphanage and escapes to find a better place in his life. He meets a Christian girl in an unknown village and becomes her best friend. He speaks to her, but not to any other villagers. Things are not, however, what was expected. Half of the villagers migrates to another place for work, and they take the boy with them. The boy has to leave his favourite place and his only best friend. After 12 years, however, he meets her and here how the story takes its turn.

Not only does it have a love story, but it is also filled with humour, message and relatable Indian characters — something common to all my books. The test readers gave a phenomenal response in a draft release
The book will be available pre-order on Beesquare official website and will be available online from end of October 2020.

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