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The online vote that’s revealing Britain’s secret beer trends

Press Release: June 18, 2015

As the British beer scene enjoys its finest moment in the sun, two ardent beer fans from London have devised an online search to decide the 100 greatest beers of 2015, and it’s throwing up some surprising British beer drinking data.

Launched at the beginning of May, 100HottestBeers.com harnesses the power of Twitter (twitter.com/100HottestBeers) to give real beer drinkers a democratic voice when it comes to deciding which beers are Britain’s finest. With over 300 products nominated so far and in excess of 3000 votes, the campaign is lining up to be the only real bellwether of British beer tastes available today.

While tradition dictates that the Scottish drink Heavies, the North love a Brown Ale and the South their Lager, the wide range of votes from differing geographical locations has started to dismantle that preconception. Already we are seeing a bold and flavour-packed American style IPA from Tyneside heading the current leaders table. Wylam Brewery’s Jakehead IPA is a prime example of the new style of beers being brewed in Britain with strong hoppy flavours that are served in kegs instead of casks.

Beer drinkers in the South West have also shed light on a new trend, with Redwell’s White IPA enjoying a lofty position in the current chart - 100hottestbeers.com/current_leaders/

A White IPA is a new style of beer that combines the complexity of a wheat beer with the resinous hop-tang of an IPA. Just another example of how Britain’s beer drinkers are tearing up the established beer map.

100HottestBeers.com founders Shane McNamara and James Law, are both ex-employees of an independent London brewery. The pair hit upon the idea after bemoaning the state of existing beer awards and decided it was time to shake things up a little. It is a happy coincidence that the data created via the Twitter votes gives us this interesting insight into Britain’s beer drinking trends.

With voting set to close on July 24th 2015, the full list will be published online and to media outlets during an awards ceremony at Howl at the Moon, the craft beer and real ale pub in East London on the 25th July. As part of a three day beer festival, the ceremony will feature 40 beers from the list for people to try for themselves.

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