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The Nokia 2220 Slide Grey - Connecting With Flair

Press Release: February 08, 2010

Available in assortment of colors, the Nokia 2220 Slide Grey is a practical way to stay connected. This slide phone by Nokia combines functionality, practicality, and style all into the 2220. Unlike other phones with practical features, this phone is anything but ordinary.

The Slide Features

Although the phone is equipped with practical features, Nokia designed the phone to be anything but ordinary. The phone is geared towards simplicity and functionality, but has a touch of flair.

Here are those features:

1. Slide Design

- Available in hot pink, graphite, warm silver, turquoise, dark blue, and purple, get ready to add a touch of color to the Nokia 2220 Slide.
- Stylish and simple, what more can you ask for in a phone.
- The 1.8 inch screen allows you to view from text messaging to emails clearly in its bright display.
- Its compact design gives out a comfortable feel.

2. Slide Music

- Keep yourself entertained anywhere you are with its FM radio.
- Feel free to record as much as 8 minutes from your favorite radio station.

3. Slide Internet

- The phone's GPRS connectivity allows you to access your favorite social network or website.
- Along with pre-installed popular links, feel free to save your own personal bookmarks.

4. Slide Photos And Videos

- The Nokia 2220 Slide Grey's VGA camera, with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, you can share videos and photos over the internet or through SMS.

5. Slide Tools

- Just like all Nokia phones, this phone is equipped with all the basic functions such as an email client, phone book, calendar, alarm clock, notes, and an expense manager. All you will ever need is found in this phone.

6. Slide Messaging

- Aside from using the phone to call, the phone is pre-installed with an email client, and with the slide keypad rich SMS messages has never been this easy.

7. Ovi

- Of course no Nokia Phone will ever be complete without its free email address Ovi. Feel free to access Ovi through this phone or on a computer.

8. Nokia Life Tools

- These life tools will make living a little easier. You can get weather reports, career information, general information, horoscope, and entertainment news. Life will never be a bore with the Nokia 2220 Slide Grey.

9. Customization

- Say goodbye to the boring norm of mobile phone displays. Feel free to customize the home screen through themes, and your ring tones by using mp3 and AAC formats.

A practically functional mobile phone does not to be a bore. The compact and stylish design makes the phone anything but common. It will do more than connect, text, or call. With the Nokia 2220 Slide Grey, you will be connecting with flair.

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