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The 'no-strings attached' occupational health provider

Press Release: June 29, 2020

The 'no-strings attached' occupational health provider

  • Family business putting education before profit
  • Free expert advice from within the industry keeping you on the right side of the law

Sheffield - South Yorkshire

Occupational health is a subject that is about as much fun as being poked in the eye. Similar to health and safety in its complexity and red tape, for that matter... But one company is tackling this minefield and breaking it down into bitesize chunks for the benefit of every UK business. And the best thing? Their advice is free of charge.

Occupational Health In Practice (OHIP) are the business that are taking the leap to educate the industry on the latest hot topics, tackling the contentious issues that no-one dares talk about, and providing resources to keep you on the right side of the Health and Safety Executive.

"We are firm believers that information should be free" mentions company director Dan Shaw, "and whilst we provide an array of paid occupational health services; the first port of call for any company is fully understanding what they need to do to achieve compliance specific to their own business activities and industry. There is no single approach to suit everybody, and we are excited to be on a journey to help provide clarity within the industry." 

Further information can be found by subscribing to the company website's free blog, which is frequently updated with a variety of industry information, and picks away at some of the industry's pressing issues faced by the majority of businesses.

Occupational Health In Practice is a family-owned business based in South Yorkshire, providing a bespoke value-added service with no compromise on quality. OHIP operates on a non-contractual basis, where the high standard of service makes the them the go-to occupational health service provider. Find out more at www.ohip.co.uk.

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