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“The Ninth Cross” by J. Karst is published by New Generation Publishing

Press Release: February 27, 2020

 ISBN #978-1789558234

“The Ninth Cross” by J. Karst is published by New Generation Publishing

A ghostly horror story as new brides are dying at the altar

About the Book:

Not all murderers die and rot in the grave: some weave their ghostly ruin through the ages. In the UK, young brides are dropping dead at the altar, and only one man can put an end to it: retired detective Vava Terberk from the Czech Republic. He has been waiting for this moment, and now he is on the hunt.

Excerpt from the book:

“Natalie was just lying there on the cold stony floor in all her beauty, the innocent bride all in shiny white dress, unspoiled yet not moving. It was clear now that what Abigail saw was completely different from what everyone else saw.

To her eyes she was lying there in a pool of blood with a hole ripped in her chest. The whispering came back again; this time turning into a roar.

‘You greedy witch, you greedy witch, you greedy ...’ Abigail shook in fear, as she recognized the voice. It was Natalie’s! ‘I’ll come for you, I’ll take you to hell!’

As soon as it came it was gone. Abigail’s heart raced as she thought of the Bride from her dreams. It dawned on her that she looked just like Natalie, of course! She was darker, though, and the hole in her chest was not empty, as Abigail could always see her heart beating slowly, seeping blood with each beat. Now the Bride from her dreams was right in front of her, the metallic breath hitting her face, freezing the tears midway down her face. The Bride’s eyes were gone, so it was just hollow sockets looking at Abigail who could simply gawp.”

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