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The New Religion of the New Millennium for Real Human Development and Peace

Press Release: March 24, 2021

MahaDharma (Mahaism):
An epoch-making revolutionary 'Dharma' or Religion for real Human Development and Peace. 

'MahaDharma' (Mahaism) is a new religion that is about to usher in an era, and whose main goal is real human development and peace through mind development education.

'Dharms' (Which is usually called Religion)  is the natural or normal quality, function, behavior of something. In the case of human beings, religion is the pursuit of self-development through gradual acquisition of knowledge and experience through action and enjoyment. It is the natural quality and disposition of man to move forward with the goal of becoming a man of sufficiently developed mind. This is 'Manav Dharna' (human religion). In short, In the case of human beings, 'Dharma' is the basic innate activities, behaviors, natural qualities and dispositions of mind-development. 

The goal of human life is to become a fully developed human being. Nothing else.
Although 'Dharma' is called Religion, but 'Dharma' and Religion are not the same thing. 

The question may come, Then why the re-emergence of this 'ManavDharma' ~human religion? Today we have forgotten our normal basic 'Dharma' (religion) and deviated from our normal path of development as various artificial and imposed religions have suppressed this natural religion for ages. Due to which people are in this misery today. The main goal of this religion is to get rid of superstition~ blind-faith and re-establish our basic religion and practice the teaching method of human development.

'Manav Dharma’ is ‘MahaDharma’. The abstract ‘Manav Dharma’ has been shaped as ‘Maha Dharma’.

The basic human nature of gradual self-development or mind development, that is evolving of consciousness or conscious mind~ is 'Manav Dharma'. That is the basic religion of humanity. The practical aspect of 'MahaDharma' is "MahaManan' mind development training and education. 

A new religion for human development. By eliminating the darkness of ignorance, to illuminate the world in light of awareness, the advent of ‘MahaDharma’ –the basic religion of human beings has been manifested. After a long time this religion has debuted according to the needs of the time.

A new religion has emerged in Bengal~ India. The name of this religion is ‘MahaDharma’. This religion is not based on blind-faith, superstition and godliness like traditional religions. This religion is based on reasoning, reasonable spirituality. Original spiritual science and humanism. And the aim of this religion is true human development and peace, through mind development curriculum.

The scripture of this religion is now available in Bengali (https://mahadharma.wix.com/book).

Through the internet and social media this new revolutionary movement spread around the world. Many free thinking rational people, who are wanting to develop themselves have become devotee of this religion. The founder of this religion— Maharshi MahaManas~ the great sage of the modern times..

‘MahaDharama’- is the eternal truth which has revealed newly from the abyss of oblivion, or which was hiding for our ignorance so long. We– self-oblivious men, forgetting our basic aim of life, are living in an ecstatic state. By practicing which Yoga~ Maha Atma-Vikas-Yoga’ that is self or mind development Yoga~ with great devotion, one can become a fully developed human being, is ‘MahaDharma’.

For ‘MahaDharma’, just you have to remain conscious –wakeful about yourself, your duties, obligations of humanity –Karma, your activities, about your body and mind. Above all, you have to remain wakeful regarding your basic aim of life.

To know about yourself and the great world~ Who~ What~ Why~ When… and to keep yourself free from diseases, pollutions and negative influences, you have to learn and practice ‘Maha-Atma-Vikash-Yoga’ education, briefly– ‘MahaManan’ ~practical aspect of Maha Dharma.

The essence of this religion:
You have been born as a Human being; your basic aim of life is to be a fully developed Human being. Try to keep yourself always wakeful~ conscious. Try to know yourself and this worldly system, and advance consciously towards the aim of life. Be effortful to make yourself true and universal developed Human being.

We in spite of Human beings do not aware of our basic ‘Manav Dharma’ do not practice our ‘Manav Dharma’. For that, ‘Maha Dharma’ has been appeared as an independent ‘Dharma’ and Religion.

This religion is not a so-called religion, created by any imaginary angel or God, This religion is for the welfare of human beings created by a great man~ Maharshi MahaManas~ the great sage of the modern times.

If you are eager to know about 'MahaDharma' and 'MahaManan' and 'Maharshi MahaManas'  please do Google search. 

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