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The new On Schedule timeline may make you shout holy moley!

Press Release: September 13, 2016

Happy Christmas, happy Easter, happy Ramadan, happy Diwali, happy Chanukah, happy second coming of the great prophet Zarquon. The new On Schedule timeline has been released. Warning, it may make you want to sprint to the nearest dance floor, jiggle and shout holy moley.
It is better cos...

• It stretches across the whole screen.

• You can zoom meaning you can see the details of even 15 minute visits easily.

• Errors and warnings are marked with colour coded lines on shifts or visits as you schedule not in retrospect. Slide open the change panel from the right to see the error or warning detail.

• You can now do almost all scheduling from a single view including setting absence, cancellations and notes.

• Enter or edit time and attendance on the slide out change panel on the right and visualise it in the slide out police box at the bottom.

• Filter what is shown on the screen using the rainbow bar on the left.

• Let the system guide you on who is the best candidate for a shift or visit with employee attribute match scores, travel distances from previous or next visits and percentages of time previously spent at this location or client.

• Oh yea and the security is fanatically tight as usual.

Keep it On Schedule.

Visit http://www.onschedulesoftware.com for additional information.

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