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The New Free to Play Sports Prediction Game

Press Release: January 27, 2021

Perfect Picks launched in late 2020 and is now available for all users on both iOS and Android smart phones. Perfect Picks is a new free-to-play sports pick’em and prediction game that players all over the world can download now from the App Store and Play Store.

The goal of Perfect Picks is to increase the enjoyment experienced by fans when watching live sports.

Players can enter as many contests in the App as they want to each week. Every Contest contains 4 to 12 games from one sport. Players earn points by correctly predicting the winning team.

Every week players have the chance to win jackpot prizes for major Contents. Since the soft launch in September 2020, more than $5000 USD of prize money has been awarded to winners. The app currently includes Soccer, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. It is free to download, and also free to play, even the contest featuring a jackpot prize have no entry fee.

Sports fans can create private leagues to compete against their friends and family, and can also earn a world rankings after completing 4 Contests in any sport.

Mathew Allen, founder of Grand Slam Digital said: "Perfect Picks provides a new way for sports fans to boost their enjoyment of watching sports, without the financial risk of sports betting. Anyone can play from all over the world simply by downloading the app for their Android or Apple smart phone”

Since launch, thousands of players have downloaded the app and entered contests for Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey. All major sports leagues from across Europe, North and South America are included.

The Perfect Picks app offers a fast, simple, and fun experience that sports fans enjoy. The possibility of winning one of the $1300/£1000 Jackpot Prizes also adds to the excitement.

The app is now available for download within the Apple App Store and also the Android Play Store. Users can find out more about the game rules and prizes by visiting PerfectPicks.com

Notes to editors

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Mathew Allen

Email: marketing@perfectpicks.com

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