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The New Concepts in Aircraft Chartering

Press Release: October 16, 2015

K Air is an aviation company with various aviation services and deals. K Air is head quartered on Kochi, Kerala. K Air is a private limited company launched on 2005 with 10 years of experience in this aviation field with reliable clients. K Air also has their representative sales offices in USA, France, UAE, Malaysia and Philippines.

K Air’s Aviation Services and Deals:

1. Aircraft Sales: K-Air have produced the kind of results that win repeat business and referrals. The rate of growth of the transactions stands proof to that. This is how Kair has grown to be a leader in executive aviation providing new as well as pre-owned aircraft.

Some Features of K Air Sales Department:

• Dedicated separate aircraft sales division.
• Exclusive jet, trubo-prop and helicopter sales division
• Have worked and placed over 40 aircraft over the world.
• Team of certified aircraft appraisers.

2. Aircraft Lease: K Air also lease out the Aircraft on a contract basis. Kair specialize in off-shore helicopter leasing.

K Air is having a:

• Team with a leasing experience of over 15 years.
• Leased 12 aircrafts if different parts of the world.
• Also provide business jets and helicopters at competitive lease rentals.
• Large inventory of aircraft for lease.

3. Aircraft Management: K Air also provides aircraft management by managing your aircrafts with all the tasks.

• Kair provides hassle free and smooth operation
• Time tested and adapted unique operation.

4. Aircraft Charter Services: Kair provides the best aircraft charter services.
• Access to multiple aircraft
• Provides the most suited aircraft for the clients and their requirements.
• Competitive rates.
• Single point of contact
• Free consultations

K Air also organizes different other aviation programs. K Air offer aircraft for the following deals too:
• Passenger charters
• Film shooting
• Arieal photography
• Cargo charters
• Air ambulance
• Corporate promotions
• Election campaigning
• Special events such as flower dropping…
• Aerial surveys

Tel: +91-484-4035020
Fax: +91-484-2315197
Email: office@k-aircharters.com

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