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The new award winning barbuto olive oil

Press Release: November 22, 2017

Barbuto Organic Olive Oil Wins Laurels for its Natural, Organic Freshness

From the picturesque mountains of Hyblean comes a wonderful gift of nature that is truly a treasure to keep. The award winning Barbuto organic olive oil from Southern Sicily is now available from Barbutonatural.com, a remarkable product that is the labor of love of Jean Paul Mifsud, former investigative journalist and now a cultivator par excellence of organic products.

The Barbuto organic olive oil was rated the best olive oil at the Morgantino annual competition. It is listed as one of the hundred best olive oils that represent Italy’s fame worldwide. The product also won the international Forme del Olio Award, and at the global Der Feinschmecker competition, it was ranked among the top one hundred and fifty olive oils worldwide. The oil had also been chosen by the iconic high quality store Fortnum & Mason in London as part of its Luxury oils selection.

Barbuto organic olive oil is monocultivar extra virgin, and comes from the Ragusa province nestled in ancient terraces and hillsides. The oil is made with mechanical cold pressing on the same day within 3 hours the famous 'Tonda Iblea' olives are picked. The oil can be bought from its official website barbutonatural.com and ships worldwide.
“Nothing artificial has been added to our products. Just simple, straight forward flavour the way Mother Nature intended from our Sicilian fields. That’s what our brand promise of natural and organic is,” says Jean Paul Mifsud.
Barbuto tonda iblea olive oil carries a sweetness and delicate fragrance of fresh tomato leaves and hints of almond that is hard to find elsewhere. The result is complete sensor stimulation and a slight peppery kick as an aftertaste. This excellence in the aroma comes from a curate technique of manufacture. Every olive is selected and handpicked in a custom designed sack, and the oil is stored in temperature controlled stainless steel silos under nitrogen gas. This ensures all natural features remain intact and move into the bottle.
After years of working as an investigative journalist, Jean Paul Mifsud found his calling as an organic farmer, mesmerised by the luscious green hills that acted as a balm to a soul intoxicated by the excitement of urban life. His groves are in the picturesque province of Ragusa Italy.

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