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Press Release: January 08, 2020

Weighing in dictionary terms basically is to find out how heavy (someone or something) is, typically using scales.

But with the growing generation and also we progressing in the field of technology a new concept is taking limelight.

“EWEIGHING TECHNOLOGY “ is a new concept developed to get more ease and fair towards the quality of products.

This concept basically deals in further smaller categories :

Weigh Bridge
Multi Head Weigher
Check Weigher
To elaborate furthermore on Weighbridge:

Weighbridge is inclined towards supporting on a reinforced concrete or asphalt platform. It is a modular concept designed for installations with above-ground platforms and then subjected only to the longitudinal transit of vehicles and work vehicles.

Electronic Weighbridge is made up of a framework of girders reinforced with traverse beams.

One of the manufactures of this product in India is Delmer Group. They are internationally acclaimed for over two decades with a diversified eweighing technologies in weighing and jewellery manufacturing machines.

There are other manufacturers dealing with the same are as below:

ESSAE (Protecting your Profits)
Avery Weight Tronix
Digital Scales are measurement devices that are used to measure the weight or mass of an object. The digital scale can work on the premise of load cell technology in which the load cells sense the measure of the object and then weighs it.

Truck Scales (US) or Weigh Bridge (non-US) are used in weighing the load that is carried by truck both empty and when loaded. These scales are usually fixed and mounted in a certain place known as the deck which is actually the foundation where it is mounted. The truck scales come in various types, some are electromagnetic and some are digital. It can be installed either on the ground or in a pit type.

Pit type is usually used in areas where heavy snowfall takes place.

State and local regulations ascribe specific guidelines to ensure each vehicle maintains fixed weight guidelines to ensure safety for the drivers and the general public.

Hence we are dealing in a new age era where the technology is achieving the new heights.

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