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The New Age of Insurance Has Dawned

Press Release: March 12, 2018

Announcement of Blockchain Technology Based Term Insurance Market Place

The blockchain technology has undoubtedly brought in a revolutionary term insurance marketplace, all the more reinforced by Pluto Coin, whose plans have been met with great appreciation around the world by renowned crypto investors and insurance business heads. The company, nourishing unconventional and revolutionary business motives, has also reported about progress in the growth of relationships with significant strategic firms that will empower the method of insurance to be used all around the world.

The Need for Reviving the Insurance Market

Absolutely certain about the need for such a concept in the modern-day insurance market is Pluto Coin’s CEO, Chris Staton. “Pluto Coin does not only revolutionize the way we see insurance as a part of our daily lives, it also solves numerous problems existing in the current system of insurance that we are forced to oblige to. Pluto Coin will eradicate problems such as improper identification, shabby segmentation, invasion of privacy and false claims”, said the main man behind this revolutionary concept.

He believes that with the world being excessively prone to identity fraud, such a system where both the purchaser of the insurance plan and the insurance company depends on peer to peer assessments, the value of the information is intrinsically enhanced as such intricate information is hard to acquire even with the help of extreme methods of research and investigation.


While this concept looks to actively transform the term insurance business into a much more trustworthy environment, the use of Pluto Coin in cryptocurrency exchanges also proves to be a promising step for crypto traders. Any crypto investor conducting business with cryptocurrencies can have his or her business partners sign-up a customized contract in which they can outline the main limitations they have to stand-by before making any transactions. Consequently, if the other individual breaches the contract, the victim of the breach will receive monetary compensation, collected from Pluto Coin.

A calculation of a person’s moral standards regarding insurance claims and payments, is a number visible to everyone using Pluto Coin. Thus, realizing a person’s trustworthiness before conducting business is possible, paving the way for secure deals.

Even though the information used by Pluto Coin to judge its customers is absolutely verified and not collected from improper sources, the company is currently in conversation with identity protection businesses from around the world to ensure that compromise of an individual`s privacy is never an issue in the future.

Dedicated to building this blockchain based insurance market which is a safe haven for law-abiding insurance seekers; the company is currently welcoming potential partners with open arms at their crowdfunding event.

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