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The network of laboratories using the XiltriX system increases across Europe; Biologists can finally sleep easy.

Press Release: October 09, 2015

Rosmalen, the Netherlands - 14 Sept., 2015 - IKS International has increased its network of professional laboratories and hospitals placing their trust in its XiltriX laboratory network-based monitoring, logging and validation system.

In today's world national and international quality standards are extremely stringent for companies active in Life Sciences. Biologists have to spend precious time monitoring, logging and validating data for every piece of equipment as well as controlling environmental conditions. This makes their job increasingly difficult, time consuming and stressful.

XiltriX from IKS International provides a clear solution; a real-time laboratory monitoring system whose sensors continually communicate with other sensors to measure temperature, CO₂, O₂, pressure, humidity, particle counting, VOCs, conductivity, shaking as well as door sensors all against strict preset parameters.

Stephen Tierney, Managing Director at IKS International said, "Each XiltriX server has a capacity of up to one thousand measurement points. With the addition of more servers the capacity is unlimited. This means that XiltriX can monitor a single unit, a specific department or a whole building or hospital over multiple sites globally, across continents. It truly represents the heartbeat of the Life Sciences sector."

The system itself can correct minor system errors itself so the user is only alerted to major issues where intervention is required. This means the user can get on with their daily tasks confident in the knowledge that XiltriX has them covered.

When XiltriX does receive a value that is outside the set parameters, an alarm is activated. This can be in the form of a flashing light or an acoustic signal in situ or indeed a pre-recorded telephone message, e-mail or SMS direct to the user's mobile phone wherever he or she may be.
The bi-directional communication allows the user to interrogate the XiltriX system over their mobile phone and they will be given the exact location of the alarm and the value that has triggered it. Corrective action can then be taken quickly in order firstly to safeguard the affected biological material and then to calibrate the system or machine at fault.

XiltriX software is the heartbeat of any laboratory and gives users the peace of mind that their product is protected 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. A peaceful sleep guaranteed.

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