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The Mysterious Faux Artist Undertakes a Very Unique Social Experiment Tackling the Perception of Todays Modern Art Scene

Press Release: March 08, 2010

ENDLAND (UK) 6th March 2010 A mysterious artist, known only as the Faux Artist, is undertaking a unique social experiment to test the theory that all of todays modern art is nonsense that anyone can produce.

One day in early January 2010, whilst on his lunch break, a guy was having an argument with a friend about modern art. His friend, having studied art at university, was vigorously defending it with the usual arguments of the art being representative and an emotional interpretation of the artists innermost feelings and experiences.

The guy disagreed.

He saw the vast majority of modern art as crap on a canvas (or words to that effect). He held the stance that todays modern art could have been produced by absolutely anybody with no tangible artistic talent. The only reason this art work sold, he felt, was because the artist had become a known entity on the art scene and was able to project some contrived meaning to the mess they had created and labeled it as art.

The conversation turned into a heated debate and so the guy decided to set himself a challenge. He would see if, with absolutely no artistic talent at all, he could create a piece of modern art and sell it for a profit; his hypothesis being that most of todays modern artists are talentless and absolutely anyone can create modern art and sell it.

The Faux Artist was born.

The challenge would have the following guidelines:
1)The modern art must be sold for a profit i.e. more than it cost to make;
2)The modern art can not be knowingly sold to friends or family of the Faux Artist;
3)No-one else can help the Faux Artist in the creation of the modern art;
4)There is no restriction on the type or number of mediums utilized in the art work, however must satisfy point 1;
5)Any reasonable channels can be used to try and sell the art work;
6)At no point must the Faux Artist lie to enhance his artistic profile
that would just be down right dishonest, now wouldnt it!

The experiment confronts the very nature of modern art, how it is produced and who buys it. The anonymous Faux Artist said, Todays modern art scene is a disgrace; not so much the art in itself, but the ridiculous prices it sells for. The art works are made with no skill or artistic dexterity, and then they have a contrived meaning slapped on in the hopes that it goes some way to justify the hugely inflated price.

This either needs to stop now, or the buyers of this modern art need to take a step back and really question what it is they are buying, and if it is worth the money they are forking out.

The Faux Artist will be documenting his experiment on the dedicated blog www.FauxArtist.co.uk.

The Faux Artist can also be found on Facebook (www.facebook.com/FauxArtist) and on Twitter (www.twitter.com/TheFauxArtist).


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The Faux Artist is one man; not connected to, or in association with, any other corporation or individual.

The Faux Artist has chosen to hide his identity, as he feels that in revealing his name, would jeopardize the integrity of the experiment. His identity will remain a secret for the length of the experiment, or until anytime he sees fit to reveal it.

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