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The Models Direct Guide To Beating Headaches

Press Release: January 29, 2010

Head pain falls into two main categories: primary headaches (which are not related to another serious disorder) and secondary headaches (which may be related to, or caused by, another serious disorder such as a tumour).

If you are suffering from persistent severe head pain you must visit your doctor to eliminate secondary headache. However, if your doctor confirms that you are suffering from regular primary headaches, which is far more likely, then there are many approaches you can try in order to manage and even eliminate them.


Painkillers can be a logical option for occasional primary headaches, particularly if you are at work or find yourself unable to take some time out from whatever you are doing. Paracetamol is one of the safest painkilling medications, if used within the boundaries of the recommended dose.
Try not to reach for painkillers too often unless you feel that it is your only option, because taking painkillers can actually cause rebound headaches, and as your body develops tolerance to a medication it will become less effective. Taking regular medication is not desirable as most will come with side effects, so if you are suffering with repeated headaches it is important to try to pinpoint and tackle the root cause.


Primary headaches can be caused by a number of issues, the most common of which include; stress, anxiety, allergy, eye-strain, tiredness, dehydration, hunger, alcohol consumption and tobacco smoke. If you are unsure of what is triggering your headaches, try keeping a diary and include notes on what you are eating and drinking, how many hours sleep you are getting and other relevant details, such as tobacco consumption or computer use.


If you are able to find an obvious trigger for your headaches, such as dehydration or allergy, then it should be relatively easy to begin changing your lifestyle in a way that will help you to avoid them, by eliminating allergens, drinking more water and so on. However, for headaches that appear to be caused by stress or have no obvious cause, try the following:

Relaxation even if your headache is not caused by stress, relaxing will often help. Try meditation, yoga or a similar relaxation technique.

Rest taking a nap or some time out in a darkened room may be enough to ease your headache.

Massage try gently massaging your jaw, neck or shoulders, or the area of your head that is causing you pain.

Bathe a warm bath offers relief for some sufferers. Try adding a few drops of 100% essential oil of rosemary or lavender; both are said to be helpful. Alternatively a heat pad across the shoulders may help.

Posture bad posture may cause tension headaches. Try stretching, then straighten your back and let your shoulders drop.

Eating habits - Dont skip meals. Avoid highly processed foods. Drink plenty of water every day. One of the most frequent causes of headache are bad diet choices and dehydration. Be sure that these are not the cause of your headaches.

Exercise regular exercise will improve your general health try it before you give up on finding a solution for your headaches.

Time out be sure to take regular breaks if you work with computers.

Eye test have your eyes tested regularly.

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