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Press Release: March 22, 2010



The Artist Discussion Group will act as a facilitator to debate and discussion. Held monthly on the same evening as Time Outs First Thursday initiative, the group will present an opportunity for practicing artists and critics to meet and brandish their thoughts and ideas around a table.

Hosted in a local McDonalds restaurant, it is The Ministrys intention to stand away from any firmly ingrained myths that portray the artist as bohemian, tortured, a beatnik. The Artist Discussion Group is a platform for a very open and public debate that will attempt to find place for artistic practice in the pace of the here and now (and not in the docile bourgeoisie of the coffee shop, or the hazy-eyed stupor of a back-street boozer).

We extend an invitation to grab a Milkshake, pull up a chair and join us.

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