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The minimalist movement, has someone finally got it right?

Press Release: August 06, 2017

New online store, MOKU, specialises in minimalist products inspired by a mix of technology, clean designs and Japanese simplicity, that finally work in today’s world.

MANCHESTER, UK - 4th August 2017 - Japanese simplicity, clean designs from major manufacturers, and an obsession with technology and interior design on Instagram have all have started a new wave of minimalism that millennials are taking to heart. A movement seeing people act to declutter their lives and live more minimal. In 1930 the average number of clothes in a wardrobe was 36 pieces. Today it stands at over 120 with more than 80% of that going unused, and this trend extends to more than just the wardrobe. But now thousands of people are choosing to live the full minimalist lifestyle and completely decluttering their lives and opting for only the bare essentials.
MOKU has merged these interests to produce the first line of minimalist lifestyle products that play well in the busy modern world and have that something special about them. Drawing from the minimalist movement, but factoring in modern day necessity and styles, MOKU has produced a fascinating offering of bags, wallets, watches and tech products.

MOKU Directors states: “Many people under 35 have a different set of values, they grew up during the recession, have to enter a struggling job market and face record level of student dept. They look to live minimally in response, and plan their lives and style around smart, simple and clean products in both design and the way they are used.”

MOKU products offer customers the minimalist edge and advantages whilst still allowing for a modern day lifestyle. Finally.

Visit MOKU online at www.moku.shop and see for yourself.

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