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The masculine history to feminine high heels

Press Release: September 26, 2019

People make fun about women wearing high heels to lengthen their silhouette. The heels were historically designed for men and not for women.

The women during the ancient period used to wear long skirts and hence heels were never used by them. The Persian men wore heels to get a better fit in the stirrups while they were on horseback during the 10th century.

During the 17th century, the Europeans adopted a high heel design. The design was a functional one and not a fashion-oriented. The high heel gave the warrior a stable and steady balance to take out their weapons and fight during wars.
The high heeled ballerina shoes are most popular among women that its history connected with men is entirely ignored.

The high heeled ballerina shoes are a trend among young women in the UK. The high heels were used by women in the 17th century to make their feet look smaller as smaller feet were considered to be the ideal beauty.

The heels were manufactured with steel by shoemakers during 1950s to make it thinner heels. The heels continue to evolve and take new shapes and forms from the 10th century until today.

The new shapes and forms have made high heels more popular among women in the UK. The ballerina shoes UK is available in different colors and new patterns to be the perfect fit for exciting evenings.

The high heels considered to be the type of shoes meant only for women were historically designed for men.

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