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The manufacturing methods of Cool Roof tiles

Press Release: April 08, 2020

Our product is manufactured to last lifetime with a thoughtful balance of new patented technology and unique manufacturing process. The product is environmentally and commercially successful which is suitable for a wide range of projects in hot climatic conditions on multiple substrates which goes far beyond industry standards. We have example after example of proven performance, Moreover our tiles are proven to reduce building cooling cost, saving your money helping to protect from the polluting effects of heat islands. Cool roof tiles have been invented to reflect solar heat which helps to bring the building temperature reducing cooling requirement and saving costs which fight against global warming. Our Cool roofs reflect the sun heat instead of absorbing it which keeps the inner building cooler. Indian Green Building Council recommends ceramic tiles which has an SRI value to keep indoor cool and reduce air conditioning, electricity consumption, burning of fossil fuels which is the main cause of global warming. 

About our designs

Our heat proof tiles are made with naturally occurring substances which can be recycled. Sustainably designed buildings are the way we seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which is harmful to our environment as well as cut the cost of our homes.  AB ceramic roof tiles can play a key role in sustainable designs. The best way to illustrate is to think of our tiles as energy savers. Our tiles thermal mass helps to reduce energy dependency. Heating and cooling is the largest energy component in Indian house. We can reduce the need for heating and cooling by incorporating thermal mass into your sustainable design. Our tiles don’t require painting, as they will last indefinitely. Our long life Roof tiles is an investment in a sustainable future. We offer a growing range of roofing solutions for both commercial and housing projects. Our clients include all the major national house builders, local authorities as well as commercial projects. Source :    https://www.abceramic.in/blog-the-manufacturing-methods-of-our-tiles-15.php

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