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The lobbying business is booming as a new generation of lobbyists goes international

Press Release: January 05, 2020

Businesses and governments alike are flocking after “private diplomacy” and lobbying services offered by a new generation of international lobbyists who are not location-bound, and who are thriving thanks to modern technology and jurisdictional advantages. Well-regulated and deeply rooted into the workings of American politics for a century, lobbying remains mostly unregulated and relatively new in other countries which still have limited to no reporting requirements.

One of the firms which has most successfully leveraged the advantage of the new generation of lobbyists is Ignis Group, a US-based international diplomacy and public relations firm which boasts a strong international dream team including rising star Senton Kacaniku, known for his strong international connections with tycoons and heads of state, as well as his American bipartisan and business connections which include well-known American oil barons, Members of Congress and former White House Cabinet Members.

Capitalizing on international aspects of lobbying, Ignis provides private diplomacy services to both Governments and businesses worldwide, with significant activities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Whether there is a need for mediation of a diplomatic dispute among two sovereign states, or for protection of a foreign investor’s interests in a developing nation, this new generation of lobbyists is more agile and effective than anything we have seen before.

As the face of this new generation of lobbyists, Senton Kacaniku is in his early thirties and is already well-recognized by various heads of state, ministers and investors, having worked with dozens of clients in four continents. Whether he is in New York, Johannesburg or Amman, he is constantly on his phone dealing with a crisis related to an investment or making a proposition to a Foreign Minister on behalf of clients.

Contrary to the slow and inefficient nature of traditional lobbying seen in the United States, the international lobbying game of new generation lobbyists such as Senton Kacaniku is very dynamic, efficient and result-oriented, with utmost discretion and away from public view. Without registration or reporting requirements, lobbying results are rapid and tangible, no matter whether the client is a business or a sovereign government.

It remains to be seen whether international law will regulate lobbying activities on a global scale in the future, but until then one thing is guaranteed: the new generation of lobbyists and firms like Ignis Group are going to cash in while promoting investor and foreign policy agendas worldwide!

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