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The live stream magazine "whats live?“ successfully launched

Press Release: August 18, 2015

Strong interest has already been shown by webcast providers and companies for the website. Leading companies, have effectively booked the usage of the portal at www.whatislive.com, for their presentations at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

Heusenstamm, August 17, 2015 – Today, at 12 on the dot (CEST), the first live stream magazine, “whats live?” was launched. This came on the back of a six week campaign, in which the site was tactfully marketed worldwide. Private and business live stream producers, can now publish and promote their scheduled webcasts, under the domain www.whatislive.com .

“In preparation for the big day, we spoke extensively with live stream providers and companies, surprisingly receiving very positive feedback”, Marcel Raab, Project Manager of “whats live?” said. “Not only were a large number of companies interested, but individuals and associations which stream their events live, were also excited about the new developments”, he continued.

Hyundai Motor Europe, became the first major company to pledge its support to “whats live?”. It will be promoting the live stream coverage of its press conference, straight from the IAA Frankfurt. Many other automobile manufacturers are also showing interest, and will soon follow up with postings of their events on “whats live?”.

The site offers producers 4 different modules to choose from. The first of these is the "Free Package", in which individuals can promote their events free of charge, albeit with restricted functionality. The "Basic Package", at a cost of 2,99 Euros, offers an increased number of options and functions, while the "Featured Package" at 49,99 Euros, includes the option of posting events at the very top of the pile under various categories (e.g. sport, culture, science..), increasing your chances of being found. The "Premium Package" at 199 Euros, gives producers the added advantage, of a vast variety of functions to choose from, while securing a prominent placement of their events on the homepage. All packages (except “Free Package”), allow for the setting up of a youtube similar producer's channel, in which past and even future events can be displayed. Since "whats live?" merely acts as an intermediary, with events eventually being streamed on the producer's own website, the formation of channels allows broadcasters, not only to announce their events, but also to promote their own websites. Extra information on who they are and what they stand for, are easily accessible to viewers as a result.

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