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The Light Goes On, the Life Goes On: Osolumio™, The Non-UV-C Disinfectant Light, is Appointed Non-Medical PPE Supplier

Press Release: April 09, 2021

Canada-based health care company, Renu Bio Life Ltd., is proud to announce the launch of Osolumio™, the first non-UV disinfectant LED light proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria found both in the air and on surfaces. After a successful launch on Indiegogo, Osolumio™ hit its goal in just three short days, marking Renu Bio Life Ltd.’s inclusion to the BC Marketplace as a non-medical PPE supplier. 
As the world navigates this new societal landscape, citizens have had to adapt to a “new normal”. A world of travel, concerts, and social gatherings has rapidly been replaced with social distancing, masks, and disinfectants. To help Canadians adjust to this new normal, Renu Bio Life Ltd., has introduced the power of light as a natural solution to these modern challenges. 
Current solutions for sanitizer and UV-C devices are temporary solutions and harmful to our lives and also to our world. UV-C disinfection systems are now being used everywhere as the best solution for the new normal for its highly effective disinfectant rate. However, these powerful methods are so strong that they not only break down the DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses but also break down the DNA of human cells. 
As far as sanitizers are concerned, they only work when you applied directly onto the hands. After a few seconds, germs and bacteria can easily be transferred from surface-to-surface and always repopulate. Osolumio™ is as powerful as the UV-C, but it's not harmful to human skin cells. As an eco-friendly option, due to its long-lasting design, Osolumio™ uses LED which has a rated life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours to perform as the preferred solution for sanitation.
“At Renu Bio Life Ltd. we are always seeking ways to support our customers and partners. Also recently we are listed as a supplier of Small Business BC's Non-Medical PPE Marketplace. We are proud to support our local communities. Our long-time research of Fusion Light Technology will significantly ease the worry of the sanitizing issue. ”
Fusion Light Technology is the combination of 405nm + IR which is Osolumio™'s own invention, a continuous disinfectant with the synergistic effects of the light from two different wavelengths. The technology has been certified by multiple national institutions, such as UL Certification, IC Certification, FCC Certification, and KC Standard. It was proven by Korea Testing & Research Institute (KTR) to be effective against Coronavirus 229E and many other common bacteria found in daily life. 
“The light goes on, the life goes on”, and life will continue as long as the light is on. It cannot be turned off. Osolumio™ will be the light that will shine the way to the New Normal. 
Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to protecting Canadians; Renu Bio Life Ltd.’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the launch of Osolumio™. 
To learn more about Osolumio™, please visit: www.osolumio.com or visit their Indiegogo page https://igg.me/at/osolumio/x/13256198#/

About Renu Bio Life Ltd. 
Renu Bio Life Ltd. is a health care company that successfully launched the Osolumio™ brand. Our own unique technology of disinfectant was designed to target the residential, commercial, and public markets at a reasonable price. Fusion Light Technology™ was invented to create continuous and unrestricted disinfectant to kill deadly bacteria and viruses. After continuous research with several reliable organizations, Renu Bio Life Ltd. finally succeeded to invent the Fusion Light Technology™ that possesses the germicidal effects with the side effects of conventional disinfectants removed. Fusion Light Technology™ was named after its combination of visible light at a wavelength of 405nm and Infrared radiation at a wavelength of 850nm. We are proud to introduce our innovative LED technology which is certified by several organizations for its guaranteed germicidal capabilities and safety. 

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