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The Liberal Advocate News Goes Live, Offers Liberals, Democrats and Independents a Real Voice

Press Release: May 24, 2017

Your voice matters but sometimes, it is not always easy to be heard. Well, not any more.

Today The Liberal Advocate News (www.liberaladvocate.com) is live and Liberals, Democrats and Independents now have an avenue to express their opinion and views without reservation.

The Liberal Advocate News is a news site built by Democrats, Liberals and Independents for Democrats, Liberals and Independents.

At The Liberal Advocate News where we report news from a liberal point of view, a liberal is free to be a liberal without judgment.

According to Felix Ofiwe, Editor-in-Chief of The Liberal Advocate, the idea is to get the readers into the news from their point of view.

“We are unabashedly liberal and we make no apologies for that. The Conservatives have Fox News and Red State. For true LIberals, there is really no place to go if you are looking for news written specifically for you,” he said earlier today.

From covering happenings at The White House, to U.S. Congress, State and Local news, and events, The Liberal Advocate News believes that every Liberal, Democrat and Independent should be heard.

“Whether you consider yourself a writer or blogger, or not, we believe you should be heard. That is why we actively solicit input from our readers.”

“You can send in links to local events in your state or city. You can send in photos or links to videos of events or just email us to let us know what is going on in your neighborhood. That is all it really takes,” Felix Ofiwe continued.

“We are not looking for just professional writers or bloggers, although we do not discourage them for contacting us. We emphasize non professional writers because they are the leaders of their community and know what goes on there,” he added.

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