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The Launch of Wholesale Wholesale

Press Release: February 05, 2010

Trying to find a genuine wholesale using the internet can be quite difficult, especially when you consider the thousands of retailers who use the word wholesale within their website content..eg "buy at wholesale prices". Just do a quick search for a popular product such as wholesale shoes and the search results will be full of shoe retailers, so trying to find a wholesaler can take a lot of time and effort in looking right through these search results.

http://www.wholesalewholesale.co.uk hope that they can solve this problem by pointing UK users directly to the wholesale source of any product.

By creating a sort of wholesale wiki website as well as a wholesale directory where all UK wholesalers can advertise their wholesale company in the correct category absolutely free, and users can leave links to other genuine UK wholesalers in each category.

Other features available are reviewing of paid membership wholesale websites, such as Wholesale Pages and Wholesalers2u as well as the sales of popular eBooks containing wholesale lists and eBay starter packs.

All in all this wholesale website will be the answer to finding all those difficult to find wholesalers, with hundreds of wholesale categories available we are you you will be able to find UK wholesalers of shoes, clothes, accessories and anything and everything else.

If there is a product out there that you are looking for then you can be sure that somewhere in the UK there is a wholesalers for that product.

If you are looking for any particular product that is not listed in the wholesale directory then you can contact us and we will source the product for you absolutely free, or if users know of any great UK wholesalers that are not listed on our site then they are welcome to add them to the correct category enabling other users to find them.

We hope the launch of wholesale wholesale will be a great benefit to all those surfers looking for genuine wholesalers in the UK and welcome you to use our website and become involved in the UK wholesale community.

Wholesale Wholesale is the new site for the UK Wholesale Community, here you can source genuine wholesalers and dropshippers in the UK. ( http://www.wholesalewholesale.co.uk ) wholesalers once each to http://www.wholesalewholesale.co.uk

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