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The importance of standardised mass collaboration in the workplace

Press Release: February 23, 2016

Water everywhere and not a drop to drink… this could have been written to describe the challenge of Mass Collaboration in most organisations. Never have there been more tools or choices for employees to collaborate with; email, DropBox, Skype, Yammer, SharePoint even Facebook to name a few. Yet despite (or perhaps because of) the explosion of tools, most organisation feel further away from efficient Mass Collaboration than ever before. The difficultly of achieving efficient mass collaboration leaves employees frustrated, productivity reduced, and compliance threatened with shadow IT.

What is Mass Collaboration?

Mass collaboration is where multiple people work together or independently on single or different projects. Anthony Bradley, Vice President of analyst firm Gartner, took this one step further, stating simply that “mass collaboration is the future of competitive advantage in business.” Thanks to the massive connectivity of life in the modern era your staff can instantly communicate with their colleagues on the other side of the world. This connectivity and collaboration allows everyone in your business to pull together. Mass collaboration through the use of a company intranet is what allows the machine to become greater than the sum of its parts.

Mass collaboration with FLEX boosts staff efficiency by up to 30%

The problem here is mass collaboration is inherently modular by nature. Without fully automated business processes most business activities fragment into multiple, often collaborative steps. For example, sending a proposal to a client starts with writing the proposal; writing the proposal itself can in turn be broken down into further smaller steps. First you have to find the template document you would use to create the proposal; then you need to save it on your hard drive; then you need to send it to a colleague; then you need to update the file once you have their input. The problem is that everyone will do each of these steps slightly differently. The file name you choose, its location on your hard drive, the method of sending the file to your colleague – they all differ from person to person. And with each step differing you add a degree of inefficiency to the process; these inefficiencies add up very quickly at the end of the day.

Here at FLEX we believe that this inefficiency, along with the other problems caused by shadow IT can be exorcised with our automation technology and self-service mass collaboration capability which forms part of the overall FLEX intranet solution. On average, your employees will spend up to 60% of their time using a variety of productivity tools to execute a given business process. Having too many tools to choose from across a given process actually hampers collaboration. FLEX can help automate and standardise the vast majority of these processes – if you can boost staff efficiency across the majority of the working day, you can quickly reclaim these losses in efficiency. By implementing silo-based standard business processes across your organisation you achieve a mass collaboration solution which gives your employees the efficiency boost they need.

Automate your mass collaboration with FLEX

FLEX is a SharePoint and Office 365 deployment solution which allows you to build your intranet exactly how you want it. You can instantly standardise the vast majority of your business processes, cutting out massive areas of inefficiency along the way. With automated steps helping your staff complete tasks faster and more efficiently than ever, your business is only left with room to grow.

An intranet deployed thorough FLEX is built using an app store of business processes – sharing a file, for example, no longer comes down to personal choice between Outlook, Dropbox, OneDrive, Gmail and USB. Instead, your staff click ‘share a file’ and FLEX takes care of the rest – your process is consistent. Consistency breeds efficiency. Efficiency breeds profits.

This is just one way in which FLEX can boost the mass collaboration within your business. FLEX allows your management to build the processes your staff should be following, releasing them from the tyranny of an unstructured process. Garner’s Anthony Bradley has commented on the importance of mass collaboration once more, stating that “business and IT leaders must understand the basic nature of mass collaboration and how to deliver on its unique value. Like never before, millions of people can simultaneously create content, share experiences, build relationships, and engage in other forms of productive work and meaningful activities.”

FLEX allows your compliance team full governance of how things are shared, stopping staff from using third-party systems and servers to share data. FLEX even allows your accounting team room to breathe, with FLEX dropping the deployment cost of your intranet by as much as 70% when compared to a traditional intranet.

With FLEX your mass collaboration becomes efficient. With FLEX mass collaboration just works.

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