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The HTC G1 White, an introduction

Press Release: February 09, 2010

The HTC G1 in White.

The new Google Android Operating System and software device from HTC.

If you're looking for a stylish and slim phone, the G1 may not be the phone for you. Weighing in at 158g (including the Li-ion battery)and measuring 117 x 56 x 17.7mm it is a medium sized Smartphone. The plastic back looks very plain, however, it doesn't look or feel cheap, with it's rubber-like finish, it is comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The front is polished plastic and looks much nicer in white as opposed to black. The large 3.2 inch display is protected by a plastic sleeve which keeps it clean and free from fingerprints. It has a full QWERTY slide out style keyboard and colour TFT touchscreen. The handset has a similar feel and look to the HTC Touch Pro. The bottom section of the phone sticks out slightly giving it an interesting look, though this makes typing awkward when using the slide out keyboard which effects accuracy and speed of typing.

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Other features include built in GPS receiver with google maps and a built in compass allowing you to navigate 360 degrees by moving the handset around. A 3.2 mega pixel camera with auto focus and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. The screen orientation will only switch to landscape mode when the keyboard is opened and not when you rotate the phone which is a little disappointing. The G1 offers Haptic feedback which gives you a slight vibration when performing a long press on an icon, but not with every touch. Unlike the iPhone, the G1's touch screen isn't multi-touch, so you can not zoom in and out on a page by pinching your fingers together and apart. A notification bar appears at the top of the screen, detailing missed calls and messages etc. The HTC G1 White provides Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G support where available and supports Gmail. The Android Operating System and software allows you to buy and download applications from the Android market. However, The G1 does not offer microsoft exchange support and does not allow you to edit microsoft documents. The 3.2 inch touch screen is capacitive, as with the iPhone, making it sensitive and very responsive. The handset has 256 MB ROM and 192 MB RAM memory which gives talktime of up to 5 hours 20 minutes and standby time of up to 406 hours. A MicroSD slot is also situated on the side of the handset allowing for memory expansion.

Thanks to the Android OS you can swiftly navigate through lists with a quick flick, or you can drag your finger slowly for a more precise look. In addition, you can move and pan web pages and other documents by holding and moving your finger around the screen.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a sturdy phone packed with features and great web browsing then this could be the phone for you.

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