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The Home and office Stores describes how to decorate a kids room

Press Release: June 07, 2017

06-06-2017 , Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK PRFire - The home and office stores, mainly known for the vast range of furniture that they stock for domestic as well as corporate usage have quite conveniently ventured into the trendy furniture market as well. They are now wholly equipped to be a one-stop-shop for all the home decor furniture and are proud to announce that they have a vast customer base approaching them for the same as well.

In a wake of this hour, based on the credibility they have attained in the market, they are now holding the authority to give guidance on decorating kid’s room. The brand has always been ahead of its time when it came to kid’s furniture and now, with their extensive range of exciting new pieces of kid’s furniture, they are all set to enter every kid’s room.
Yet, the company knows that decorating a kid’s room is not so easy job and that is why, they believe in giving out a true guidance to all those worried parents out there. Start with the ceiling, says the brand. Though they have nothing to do with it, they know how vital is it to clutter the kid’s room ceiling with patterns, designs or mere light reflecting stars and moons.

Next what they suggest parents to focus on are the walls. Children love everything life size or bigger than that, that is why, The Home and Office Stores state that the walls are to be painted with action figures or dolls to give the room a kiddie appearance. Moving down further, the brand states that creativity must flow while deciding the tiling also. The floor mustn’t be classy or rich, but must be full of life and such that it matches the theme created by the ceiling and wall paints.

Lastly, reaching to their forte, The Home and Office Stores state that quite a lot of focus has to be put on selecting the furniture of the room. The furniture mustn’t be out of the place but must fit right into the room’s theme. The furniture must also be such that it makes the room feel spacious and airy rather than occupying extra space in it.
The brand further says that using furniture specially meant for kid such as the bunk beds, cabin beds, small folding desks, designer lights, fancy shelves and theme based wardrobes is vital while decorating a kid’s room. The brand concludes saying that, kids are vibrant in nature. Everything about them is high pitched and full of life, which is why, their room shall be same too, in order to compliment their personality.

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Located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK; The Home and Office Store is a family run furniture business having one sole mission of providing friendly and professional support and service to their ever growing customer base. They also aim at achieving their target of staying consistent in providing best quality furniture for both domestic as well as commercial use.

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