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The Hangman's Vengeance Will be Cold and Ruthless

Press Release: March 25, 2021

The Hangman will have his revenge on Earth's heroes one way or another, whether they are alone or together but he wants blood for their trechory in sending him to an alternate dimension.

Denver, Colorado., March 23, 2021 -- Denver Author, Dee Rose is pleased to announce the release of his dark fantasy novel, The Hangman: Vengeance. Just released in late March 2021.

The Hangman has returned from the unknown dimension he was sent to at the end of The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening. Now, he only has vengeance on his mind for the people, who tricked him, the people he considered to be friends and allies. They include the heroes; The Grand Librarian, Alexander Merryweather, the demon hunter, Father Tom Padilla, Susan Taki, and reluctantly, the vampire slayer, Jericho Caine.

Jericho sighed as he pointed the Sword of Caine at the Hangman. “You made this personal when you killed…There’s no coming back from that.”

Leechadon the Soul Eater, a powerful demon, and the new leader of the underworld, uses the opportunity to attack the Earth by bringing together four allies of his own. They are the vampire lord Dracool, a witch named Alina, a zombie leader, Deadric, and a demon lord, Gregor. If they can work together, they represent the greatest threat to humanity that has ever been assembled.

Leechadon strikes a deal with Hangman to help get his revenge in exchange for the Hangman agreeing not to interfere with Leechadon’s plans for the Earth. The past, present, and future play relevant parts in this adventure. Allegiances are tested as both, humans and supernatural forces, clash in this epic finale to the Hangman series.

Leechadon grinned. “Doesn’t he know that sequels are overrated? But this isn’t unexpected. We’ve always known that we’d have to deal with him sooner or later.”

The Hangman: Vengeance is available in both print and eBook format on Amazon and Facebook.com/DeeRoseBooks/

Book Details: 
The Hangman: Vengeance
By Dee Rose
Publisher: Dee Rose Books
Published: March 2021
ISBN-10: 1637955936
ISBN-13: 978-1-63795-593-2
Pages: 276
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

Dion Rosborough
Dee Rose Books
20000 Mitchell Pl #54
Denver, CO 80249

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