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The Greatest Novel Ever Written About the Great War

Press Release: November 02, 2015

Copyhouse Press is proud to announce the publication of the eagerly awaited Third Edition of "To Bathe in Eden's Glory" by Christopher Cass.

This new edition comes during a period of national reflection on the centenary of the Great War and contains some of the most realistic portrayals of trench warfare ever committed to the pages of a work of fiction.

The story follows the fortunes of childhood sweethearts Richard Bowden and Laura Scott not just through the course of the war but also as they chart other battlefields as equally cruel, perplexing and deadly.

Social prejudice, women's suffrage, moral complexity, Zeppelin raids, conscription and the hardships and emotions of home combine with the horror, futility and camaraderie of the trenches into a superb saga of the First World War.

Christopher Cass is the pen name of musician and producer Chris Baker. Educated at Chelmsford Grammar School, at 18 Chris chose the road over university and spent the next 30 years combining a playing career with production and the business side of music. Once described by Melody Maker as a 'studio guru', he lectured on music business studies at MBS (London) during the late '80s and has written for a number of magazines and periodicals. 'To Bathe In Eden's Glory' is Chris's first novel and reflects a lifetime's obsession with the First World War.

The novel has been assessed by a member of the Royal Historical Society and has been passed as historically accurate in both the depictions of the trench warfare and in its portrayal of the rich social and cultural fabric of the times. It will appeal to lovers of history, romance and the tragedy of the Great War.

It is available to pre-order now and goes on release on November 1st 2015, bearing a completely redesigned cover - simple yet elegant - which evokes the camaraderie, pathos, horror and tragedy of war, as well as the romance which runs through the tale.

Christopher Cass is available for interview, please contact the publisher for details.

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