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The Great Game Treasure Hunt in Edinburgh

Press Release: August 09, 2018

Stuck for things to do in Edinburgh? Want something to do which is both an activity and celebration? Look no further than The Great Game treasure hunt in Edinburgh. With locations across the UK we now bring our amazing treasure hunts to Edinburgh. Can you crack the codes, solve the clues and finish the puzzles to complete the hunt. If you can complete the hunt you will be able to reveal where the treasure is! The treasure which is marked by an X on the treasure map is a great city centre pub at which you can get food & drink discounts. There are two routes to choose (East and West) both start from the Omni centre; east explores some of Edinburgh's most famous geological landmarks and secret streets where as west takes in some of the best sights to see in the city and winds through the old and new towns. The great part about this hunt in Edinburgh is that because they are of equal length so its possible to get some friends together in teams and race each other to the treasure, just make sure you have a drink waiting for the losing team!

For things to do in Edinburgh this incorporates a little bit of everything, exercise, sightseeing, mentally challenging and bonding over great food and drinks. What more could you want?

The treasure hunt is specifically designed so the clues which range from codes to puzzles to orienteering to riddles are of different levels. Thus detectives of all skills can feel challenged and get involved.

The treasure hunt in Edinburgh has a special Codebreaker feature – there are 5 locations along the hunt at which a picture is taken but some numbers or letters are hidden behind a white box. The hunters must find this location and write down the hidden letter or number. These are put together at the end and used to make grid co-ordinates, this then reveal where the X is to be drawn on the treasure map .

For all details and more information on our treasure hunts across the UK please check out our website today!

Try it! Think about it when was the last time you did something for the first time! The Great Game its great fun!

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