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The Great Game Offers Treasure Hunts in the City of London

Press Release: March 22, 2018

The Great Game offers two exciting City of London treasure hunts, both starting from the steps of the Royal Exchange building by Bank tube station. The premise is simple, you are given a clues sheet and treasure map, you must complete the clues in order which will lead you around the city. At the end you will of discovered where to draw the X on the map, this reveals where the treasure is. The treasure is a great pub with a discount of 20% off your food and drink bill.

The City of London treasure hunts have been carefully planned so they offer a wide range of clues including codes, riddles, observations and orienteering. Some clues are hard some are very easy so it appeals to all skill levels and particularly family teams of different age groups.

A feature not seen in other city of London treasure hunts is the Codebreaker. This consists of 5 photos taken along the route showing certain locations, at each of these spots a number or letter has been hidden on the photo. You must find these locations and note the hidden number or letter, these are then used to make co-ordinates which dictate where the X is drawn on the treasure map and X marks the spot! Detectives than just make their way to the X and the waiting pub.

Each route takes in some of the most famous landmarks a city of London treasure hunt could offer but also side alleys and mysterious back alleys. Along the way you will be provided with history of the buildings you come across and stories of the areas you stand in so anyone who calls themself a true Londoner will still be able to learn something new and discover a new area.

Finally the city of London treasure hunt routes are both of equal length and start and finish at the same points so its possible to team up and race each other. They overlap in parts so keep a look out for the opposing team and of course have a drink ready and waiting for the losing side! We recommend teams of 4 to maximise enjoyment for each team member.

For all information and how to book your hunt today visit our website today. Good luck!

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