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The Great Fire of London? 1666 would have been just a flash in the pan with BEDEC FIREFREE UNDERCOAT

Press Release: February 19, 2010

The Great Fire of London?

1666 would have been just a flash in the pan with BEDEC FIREFREE UNDERCOAT

New life-saving paint can block flames and 1000C heat to protect historic properties

[London] The Great Fire of London in 1666 wouldnt have been nearly so great if BEDECs FIREFREE UNDERCOAT had been available to Londons builders and homeowners. In fact, the fire probably never would have left the Pudding Lane bakery room it started in. Unfortunately, the invention of this amazing paint happened several centuries too late to save the 13,200 houses, 87 parish churches and one rather famous cathedral that burned to the ground in the city-changing conflagration.

Today, BEDEC, one of the UKs most innovative paint companies, is introducing a revolutionary non-toxic paint to easily and inexpensively enable those responsible for Britains historic and irreplaceable properties to more fully protect them from the threat of a fiery demise, as was Windsor Castles fate in 1992.

Using a highly advanced non-toxic formula originally developed in the US, BEDEC FIREFREE UNDERCOAT is able to block both flames and blowtorch-temperature heat for up to two hours on a wide variety of traditional building materials including wood and lath and plaster.


Used to protect historic properties throughout the US, such as the Civil War era Disney Museum at the Presidio in San Francisco, FIREFREE UNDERCOAT is a life-saving product and one of the most extensively tested water-based intumescent coatings in the world. It creates a true fire barrier for a huge variety of materials. And unlike most other fire protective paints, its not only non-toxic, its also both a fire retardant (preventing flame spread/flashover) and a fire resistant (limiting heat penetration).

With outstanding flame, heat and smoke reduction performance verified by scientists, engineers and fire-fighters around the world, excellent coverage, fast and easy application and water clean up, BEDECs FIREFREE UNDERCOAT introduces an entirely new level of passive fire protection the UK.

Were very excited to be introducing Firefree to the UK, says BEDECs Dave Horn. Its truly an amazing product. As chemists, weve been developing advanced paints for over 30 years and weve never seen anything that delivers the combination of fire performance, non-toxicity and cost efficiency of Firefree. It makes a great addition to our rapidly growing line of specialty paint products.


BEDEC products are distributed by leading trade painting companies throughout the UK, including Brewers, Travis Perkins, Buildbase, Ridgeons, Kent Blaxill, Bromborough Paints, Promain and many others. For more information about the many benefits of FIREFREE UNDERCOAT or any of BEDECs other specialty paints email info@bedec.co.uk or call 01279 876657.

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