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The Global Settlement System WebMoney Transfer Has Opened Access to the Improved 2FA Service E-NUM

Press Release: August 20, 2015

The global settlement system WebMoney Transfer is launching an updated version of the E-NUM authentication service which will be available for use by owners of websites supporting a two-factor authentication system.

Over the past few years participants of the WebMoney system have been actively using the E-NUM application which generates one-time passwords in order to improve the safety of transactions.

A new interface of the official E-NUM website simplifies the mobile application installation process allowing immediate use of the service.

The authentication process is based on the “challenge-response” method: the E-NUM mobile application receives a push-notification and displays the only correct – response code on the mobile phone screen. Upon input of the response code in the authorization field the user gets access to the system`s services such as his/her personal account, their personal profile, transfer funds and make other transactions.

The E-NUM authentication system is now available to owners of external websites as well. In order to get access to the API, it`s necessary to make an application and receive approval on the official service website.

Currently the E-NUM service has approximately 2.5 million active users
Users who have already installed the E-NUM mobile application can access other services by authorising access to their personal data via the OAuth 2.0 standard.

E-NUM allows website owners with not only to provide additional security for their transactions but also to save costs by opting out of receiving SMS-confirmations.

The E-NUM service can be particularly relevant for the online banking industry.

The E-NUM mobile application is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The E-NUM service can also be used with smart Android Wear and Pebble Watch.

WebMoney Transfer
The international settlement system WebMoney Transfer (http://wmtransfer.com/) was founded in 1998. At this moment the amount of registered users exceeds 29 million. WebMoney is a convenient service for all kinds of payments on the Net and a full-fledged financial settlement environment in the internet.

WebMoney services allow to automate fund acceptance and settlements, attract financing, account for and exchange settlements units, resolve disputes and conclude safe deals.

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