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“The future is in the air”: AW LAB and IQUII launch Air Blow, the new immersive loyalty initiative for Nike lovers

Press Release: February 06, 2020

Rome, 6 February — Today the future of retailers depends on their ability to create a purchasing experience that involves clients at emotional level, making customers protagonists through dynamics where all touchpoints are integrated, without any distinction between physical and digital worlds.

The future is omnichannel and last October AW LAB, Global Brand Retail part of Bata Group, is among the first to launch on market AW LAB Club, the mobile platform designed and developed by IQUII, Digital Consulting Company, that involves and retains customers through a mix of physical and digital gamification mechanics.

After the launch of the Sneaker Hunt, the augmented reality treasure hunt similar to Pokémon Go, AW LAB continues the path of digital transformation adopts new Engagement and Loyalty model together with IQUII, asking the creative agency to think a new phisical-digital engagement model through gamification mechanics. The result is a new AR initiative in the mobile app entirely dedicated to Nike.

This is Air blow, the new gamification initiative is born to build a stronger relationship among the brand, Nike partners and sneakers lovers enhancing the core values of the company: movement, greatness, energy.

The new immersive experience of Air Blow is a whole new way for customers to celebrate the 30° anniversary of the Air Max 90. A game which turns the augmented reality into airmented reality through gamification mechanics that require the use of both mind and body. The gamers will compete to catch objects scattered around the city. They will blow on their mobile to catch the right dose of air and will walk through the streets, also using a good dose of knowledge of the Air Max world to win a limited edition of sneakers.

Domenico Romano, AW LAB Head of Marketing: “Engaging our consumers through game mechanics in a constant hybridisation between phisical and virtual space to meet their needs. This is the goal of AIR BLOW. The story telling in AW LAB leaves space to the story doing and our story is that our clients write, by choosing to be part of our community playing, visiting our stores, attending our events, and above all having fun with AW LAB”.

Fabio Lalli, CEO of IQUII: “Working with AW LAB is a continuous challenge: the AW LAB’s vision, in line with ours on matters of engagement and loyalty, is developing on a virtuous path of projects not only for the technological structure but also for the high strategic impact.
This partnership allows us to show how IQUII has grown during these years and how it can support its clients and market with transversal key competences with projects where creativity, technology and strategy live together and are organized to achive an excellent result. This project is the proof: we are extremely pleased with the work we have done until today and the results we have already achieved. We hope that this and other projects can rise the confidence we have built.
The integration of Air Blow is only one of the new features and mechanics designed for the AW Lab Club’s ecosystem. It is a part of a wider strategy that aims to generate benefits for the brand and for the whole ecosystem of partners”.

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