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The first multi-functioned cycling helmet by LIVALL

Press Release: August 17, 2015

As the number of cyclists keeps growing, the safety is becoming critically important. Most cycling helmets are aimed to protect cyclists only. But recently i have found a multi-functioned helmet which is able to make you enjoy music while cycing, of cousre you can still hear the noice on road and car horns. Isn't it interesting? Let's take a close look at it.

LIVALL announced today the LIVALL Bling Helmet, the world’s first smart cycling helmet that integrates communications, music, and smart lighting for the ultimate in safe biking. Featuring built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers and a microphone, the LIVALL Bling Helmet enables cyclists to make and answer phone calls to safely stay connected on the road. To communicate during group riding, LIVALL has also developed a Walkie-Talkie function to make it easier for cycling teams to communicate with each other and also converts text messages to voice – no more yelling.

First of all, let us take a look at its highlighted functions.

LIVALL functions highlight:
1. At each side of the helmet, there are 2 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speakers that will eject vertical sound waves which will not interrupt with the surrounding sounds. During the ride, music will be played with high quality. The difference between LIVALL's design and that of in-ear headphones is that it enables the rider to hear car horns or other sounds nearby perfectly to ensure safety. The Windbreak Mic functions perfectly when the speed is around 50 km/hr.
2. Cycling with music. Like the professional Sennheiser headphones, LIVALL's built-in Bluetooth speakers can function with the Hi-Fi quality.
3. Never feel lonely during the ride ever again. Take a phonecall whenever, wherever.
4. Walkie-Talkie: When cycling with the team, the team leader will never have to use hand signals again which will help prevent possible injury. Press the Walkie-Talkie button on Bling Jet and talk to the whole team easily.

Beside that, LIVALL Bling Helmet also Includes:
• Bling Helmet: provides fashionable aerodynamic protection while cycling.
• LED Lighting System: illuminates the helmet with 80 LEDs and turning signals that safely replaces traditional hand signals.
• Walkie-Talkie function: communicates with cycling teams during the ride.
• Built-in Gravity Sensor: detects emergencies and activates emergency SOS calls.
• Nano Cadence Sensor: measures speed, distance, calories, and more.
• Battery Power Bank: charges phone.
• Bling Jet Remote Control: easily installs on the bike’s handle bars to connect to phone and helmet.
• Phone Holder: securely snaps smartphone onto handle bars and charges the phone.
• LIVALL Riding App: analyzes ride, measures cadence, speed, etc., takes photos and videos. Shares ride info on social media platforms. App works with other wearables devices.
• Use phone safely: makes/takes calls with wind-cancelling mic. Converts text messages to voice.
• Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker for hands-free music: listen to music safely while cycling.
• 3 fashionable colors: Ferrari Red, Ocean Blue, Bumblee Yellow.

Frankly speaking, i am quite fond of this new product. It enrish our cycling journey, making it more funny and safe. For more details, you can see their video on Youtube, and their VC on indiegogo.

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