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The first Live Stream Magazine will go online, in August

Press Release: July 17, 2015

“whats live?” is set to bring producers and viewers of Live Webcasts together, worldwide.

Heusenstamm, July 16, 2015

On August the 17th, 2015, “whats live?“ - the first online magazine for live Internet broadcast - will be launched. With “whats live?“, producers of webcasts, (e.g. companies, agencies, bands, sports clubs, etc.) will call attention to their live broadcasts, and thus win over substantially more viewers. Users will be able to find out in a quick and precise way, when something of interest to them will be broadcast.

“Most of the time, high quality content is broadcast on the net, without the interested viewer's knowledge. Through ‘whats live?’, we would like to bridge the gap between producers and viewers, giving both sides the possibility to find each other in the infinite Internet, just as the television viewer finds his program in the TV-magazine”, Vera Heck, Project Coordinator of “whats live?“ explains.

“whats live?“ is poised to serve as an intermediary between viewers and producers. Utilising an appropriate description and the allocation to relevant categories, producers will be able to perfectly place their events on the site. Through the description, a link to the Internet broadcast will be stored on "whatslive?", so that each and every viewer can reach the event itself on the event organizer's/producer' s site. “We will not only offer the producers a possibility for publication, but through sophisticated share and social media tools, both our team and the producers themselves, will actively publicise the respective events on the net”, Vera Heck continues.

The website will be financed through the publications of the providers/producers, who, depending on the chosen placement on the homepage or the category, will pay a fixed rate. The lowest rate will amount to less than 5 euros per publication.

Who’s behind the live stream magazine? The communication agency ComSat Media, based in Hesse, Germany, is responsible. ComSat Media is currently synonymous with audiovisual communication for stock-listed companies. “whats live?“ will however, be an independent brand with its own team and presence. In-house know-how, will only be tapped for PR and social media activities.

On August 17, 2015, www.whatislive.com will kick off. Whoever wants to already reserve a slot for an event on launch day, is kindly requested to contact ComSat Media.

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