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The famous model says to the Ukrainian businessmen: Support Earth hour campaign

Press Release: March 27, 2019

The top model Elena Kosmina supports The world WWF campaign Earth Hour.
On 30th of March this year The World Wildlife Fund recommends to switch off the light for an hour to all the Earth inhabitants. Annually, action pays attention to such global topics as climate change and other ecological issues.

Earth Hour is the most important environmental campaign in the world. Last year it was supported by more than 2 billon people all over the world, in 188 countries. Annually, more than 18 000 the most famous buildings and monuments are without 60 minutes backlight. For example, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Statue of Liberty, Empire State building in New York, Golden gate bridge in San Francisco, Coliseum in Roma, City Hall in London, Acropolis in Athens and other ones switch off their backlight as a sign of support.

- I ask the Ukrainians to promote the campaign, - Elena Kosmina says. – First, I ask businessmen. Switch off, please, the backlight of shopping centers, business centers, hotels and restaurants. In this way, you can say about your right and support the world famous action!

The first campaign was in Australia, in 2007. In 2009, the WWF initiative has affected more than a billion people on the planet. Ukraine joined the Earth Hour in 2013, the Motherland monument (Kiev) was turned off the backlight. Every year more and more cities and regions support the action.
“I’m sure this year’s Earth Hour will be even bigger. The future of the planet depends on each of us! - says Kosmina.

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