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The famous dulffle coats by Gloverall: now available at English-Brands.co.uk

Press Release: September 10, 2015

In the last days of July the team of professional buyers of our e-store took part at trade show Jacket Required. This trade event is known as exhibition space for everybody who is occupied with fashion industry. We would like to mention Gloverall trade mark among the brands that attracted our attention. Pretty soon you'll see the famous duffle coats under the illustrious logo in the catalog.

What is Gloverall famous for?

Originally this coat got its name after the city of Duffles in Belgium. The area become famous for manufacturing outwear made of rough linen and woolen fabrics. Its supreme quality was mentioned by the British Admirality. Then, in 1900's the authority rendered a decision to provide its members with originally made uniform. Till the early 50's duffle coats were produced exceptionally for military needs. At the same time Harold and Freda Morris bought some duffle coat fabric from the navy. They decided to recreate the uniform for blue-collar workers. The couple had already been in gloves and overall making business, so, the brand name Gloverall actually was an amalgamation of “glove” and “overall”. Mr. and Mrs. Morris concentrated on consumer market and shortly thereafter their enterprise grew into successful business.

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