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The Executive Leadership Glass Ceiling is Shattering Now

Press Release: July 16, 2020

The glass ceiling holding back minorities from executive leadership positions in corporate America is being shattered right now. The Change Execution Group (CEG) and 360 Life Transformations have partnered and are delivering high level, comprehensive training to women and People of Color in America. The first set of graduates are set to finish the program in in January 2021.


  • According to The Wall Street Journal in 2019 less than 39% of the Corporate Leadership positions in the US were held by minorities.
  • According to the US Census Bureau 50.8% of the US population were women, 18.5% were Hispanic or Latino, 13.4% were Black or African American, 5.9% were Asian. In total 39.9% of the population in the US are non-White.
  • The percentage of women and People of Color in executive leadership roles is roughly half of what it should be if it were to mirror the percentage of women and non-White Americans in the current US population.


July 15, 2020   Naples, Florida

Two of the nation’s leading executive development and transformational change companies – www.changeexecutiongroup.com and 360lifetransformations.com – have teamed up to deliver a unique, once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity that will help high potential women and people of color succeed in their pursuit of executive leadership.

This six-month, best-in-class leadership coaching and education program, enables participants to find the positions of their dreams, ensure they have the right skills when they get there, and enhance their overall leadership skills and potential. The customizable Executive Level Coaching Process program is specifically designed to help women and People of Color transition to the next level of leadership and accomplishment, identify weak or missing skills, and old patterns of thinking, acting and communicating that produce limiting results.

“I’m a white executive who has heard the call of Black Life Matters an internalized it .We are doing what is necessary and right to help People of Color and women get the real education they need to navigate into key positions in companies and boards,” said Anthony (Tony) DaDante, CEO of Change Execution Group (CEG), and one of the nation’s leading experts on executive development and organizational change.

“Participants will learn insights from the disciplines of Social Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Double Loop Learning, AGILE, Disruption and Global Business Storytelling to enhance their ability to effectively lead and manage people, processes and stubborn disruptions that stall strategy execution and individual advancement.” DaDante continued.

The new training program is for anyone with current or anticipated management responsibilities, ranging from mid- and senior-level management to people expecting to take on a leadership role in these uncertain times.  

“We want everyone who goes through this program to be able to transition to the next level of executive advancement and success,” DaDante concluded.

The program includes 30 hours of instruction, four monthly two-hour coaching sessions, one monthly virtual one on one coaching session, reviews of previous 360-degree assessments, a mid-point briefing with the candidate’s manager and Human Resources, if needed, a written program evaluation and formal completion process. 

Participants in the program learn from a team of highly engaging diverse faculty and consultants, on a journey to leadership excellence.

Business leaders who want to sponsor women and high potential people of their companies and offer them the same level of executive coaching that their CEO’s receive should go to 360lifetransformations.com or call our Executive Hotline at 1-347-899-1274 to apply for admission.

About CEG: www.changeexecutiongroup.com understands the needs and challenges of your business. We focus on speed, talent and courage as well as leveraging our teams hundreds of years of collective leadership and change process experience. However, our clients often remind us how much they appreciate our ability to illuminate URGENCY throughout their organizations. We truly don't accept losing, everything we do is about developing winning cultures and leaders. We have never been accused of being traditional consultants and are humbled and appreciative by our client’s generosity and gratitude for the value we bring to their teams. Our CEG team helps to enable our clients to systematically surface the truth, achieve total transparency and overcome the resistant and persistent roadblocks that surface during change.

About 360lifetransformations.com: Much can, and has, been said about leadership, but we focus on what really counts: making sure your leadership is aligned so you can execute on your strategy and get results. We work with your senior team to define your purpose, describe and support a compelling view of the future and agree on the most important actions needed to get there. We help you prioritize and master the skills and behaviors that correlate directly to increased growth, profitability, and total shareholder return.

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