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The Energy Blueprint Reviews Rob Wolf’s latest Podcast, How to Increase Energy, Lose Fat and Prevent Disease with the Paleo Way

Press Release: December 12, 2018

A US-based health coaching service has released its most recent podcast, starring fitness celebrity Rob Wolf. The Podcast focuses on Paleo Diet and how it helps improving health.

The Infamous Research Biochemist, and Best-Selling Author, Rob Wolf appeared in The Energy Blueprint’s Latest Podcast. The Dietician who has penned excellent books like “The Paleo Solution” and “Wired to Eat” helped transform several lives with his work.

Rob served as the Review Editor of Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism as well as a Consultant for Naval Special Warfare Resiliency Program. Recently, Rob appeared in a podcast, “How to Increase Energy, Lose Fat and Prevent Disease The Paleo Way” and gave his thoughts on healthy living.

The Podcast

Rob uncovers the basics and benefits of Paleo and how the masses can adapt it according to their lifestyle. The Dietician went in the detailed description of the Bio-Individual Situation of most people. He informs the masses how natural foods including Fruits, Vegetable and Meat are a better alternative to Processed foods that we consume every day.
Rob emphasizes consuming a clean diet that is free from any additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Moreover, he explains the anti-inflammatory benefits of natural nutrients as compared to processed food.
The Energy Blueprint is a company that offers health solutions backed by science released this exclusive podcast on iTunes. The Team of Energy Blueprint is on a mission to help 1,000,000 overcome fatigue and health issues throughout the next five years.

Coverage by The Energy Blueprint

The Energy Blueprint gives a comprehensive review of Wolfe’s Podcast. The company discusses the concept of living a Paleo Lifestyle and Rob’s Intervention including diet and other practices. The company goes forth to explain the conception of the Paleo Diet with the paradigm of living as our elders did, a life without any processed foods.
Rob who has been a Paleo Advocate for the last 20 years has dedicated his life to inspire people to adopt a healthy lifestyle that facilitates their well-being, and he does the same in his new Podcast. Rob revisits the basics of Paleo Diet and how the reader can fit this concept into their daily routine for a healthy.

Rob explains what Paleo Diet means and how it fits every bio-individual case. Rob does that by covering the Discordance Hypothesis, the role of a healthy lifestyle and how it affects us, the differences and similarities between Paleo and Keto, introduction to fasting, and effective ways to gain fat.

Rob also enlightens the audience what to do if they suffer from obesity. He explains the role of Protein leverage hypothesis and how it helps to lose weight, mTOR and IGF1 protein consumption with the nuances of the best diet. He redesigns personalized nutrition before ending the podcast with his opinion on a diet only based on meat.

Available on iTunes

As always, Rob has shared his views with the general public, and they are available on iTunes. Apart from the Podcast, the viewers can read an exclusive interview of Rob Wolf with Ari Whitten (Founder of the Energy Blueprint). Ari speaks to Rob about the never-ending debate of which one is better Paleo and Keto, and is it possible to combine both of them

About the Energy Blueprint

The Energy Blueprint is a company that embarked a mission to help over 1,000,000 fight fatigue within the next five years. The company achieves this initiative with powerful-evidence based strategies to help fight fatigue and exhaustion by improving energy levels dramatically.

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