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The Electric Future from Creda Showers

Press Release: February 11, 2010

One bathroom product that fits this bill is the electric shower. Not only are they cost-effective to purchase, whilst being economic and efficient to run, advances in design mean this option also offers style at an affordable price.

Perhaps when you think of an electric shower you think of a white box on the wall however, this is no longer the case.

Today many of the new electric showers on the market have been specifically designed to add a splash of colour and style to any bathroom. The choice on offer is extensive; therefore retailers need to make themselves aware of the many features and benefits offered by the modern electric shower in order to assist consumers with their purchase.

Synonymous with reliable and affordable products, leading household brand Creda Showers has added a contemporary new product to its growing portfolio of electric showers.

The Creda AquaAmbiance is unique in its design, featuring a frosted facia which incorporates LED lighting to provide the ultimate in style and ambience. Now the end user can easily and safely create mood lighting whilst showering.

Supplied with a luxury, all chrome, multi spray mode accessory kit, designed to complement the polished chrome panel on the front of the shower. Fully temperature stabilised provides an extra safety feature to the user, with an easy to use push button for on / off operation and rotary flow and temperature controls, the Creda AquaAmbiance provides all the features you would expect from a high quality showering product.

In addition the shower's footprint and multiple entry points for pipe work and cabling, makes it ideal for replacement installations or bathroom upgrades and prevents the need for additional plumbing or redecoration.

Other Creda Showers include the technologically advanced Creda Digimix, a completely wireless thermostatic digital mixer shower that is controlled via a remote control and the Creda Advantage 550C which is fully temperature stabilised and features a designer chrome body with a dramatic black fascia.

For more information contact Creda Showers on info@creda-showers.co.uk or contact Yvette Richardson on 01733 456 944.

Creda Showers are a leading manufacturer of electric showers, mixer showers, digital mixer showers and power showers, sold exclusively through the retail channel.

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