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Press Release: February 07, 2019

Convenience and time often lead many people towards on-line shopping and now uniquely, on-line based estate agency GlowMove (www.glowmove.co.uk) have partnered up with on-line mortgage specialist Mortgage Guardian (www.mortgageguardian.co.uk) to offer the whole package of finance, property and advice effectively via the web.
Research conducted by Google in 2012 clearly shows the increasing number of people searching to buy properties on-line, a whopping 90% of home buyers. Since then the digital revolution has really accelerated within the property industry, effectively taking first place in the buying process.
“Our main aim was to create a platform that is more affordable for property owners and landlords to use than current sites which are available, whilst supporting buyers who wish to research available suitable properties. Our search options allow users to choose features which are indicators of a certain lifestyle, as well for example Balcony or Storage facilities.” Transparency and simplicity are just some of the features of the service whilst allowing clients to stay fully in control. We are harnessing technology to reduce frustration whilst ensuring the cost of our service excellent value for money - adds Mr Alex Bernardes, CEO & Founder of GlowMove.
“The main objective is that the purchaser’s interests are handled properly without any loss of detail. We generally advise clients how much finance is available to them based on criteria and once it is clear only then to look for suitable properties. In practice we often find people falling in love with their dream house and the potential lifestyle that comes with it but then find it difficult to find affordable mortgage solutions. Sometimes it takes time and strategy to get them into the ideal buying position. Taking the time to advise properly in this area is an important part of my role as a mortgage adviser which is something that not all mortgage advisers are willing to do. Our firm is not solely a processing factory.”- says Mr Hall of Mortgage Guardian.
The study states how “Shoppers will perform an average of 11 searches prior to taking action on a property”.

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