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The Debt Collectors facing legal action due to money owed to Newbell Print

Press Release: February 19, 2010

Mr Ian Hurst (Printer) would like to inform all readers that "The Debt Collectors" owes Newbell Print £765.90 from September 2009.

The Debt Collectors were commissioned in good faith to carry out debt collection duties for Newbell Ltd. The contract was secured on the understanding that a 6 week money back guarantee would enable Newbell to have a full refund if the Debt Collectors were unsuccessful - see image.

Since then Newbell have been continuously fobbed off with promises of updates that never happened and phone calls and emails and letters that were never returned. It would seem that The Debt Collectors have no intention of honouring their guarantee, and so we wish to inform all readers, clients and potential clients that this is the manner in which this company operates.

As such, unless a full refund is received this shall be deemed as theft with further legal to be instigated.

We also wish to confirm that Touch Marketing & Design (www.touchmarketing.co.uk) designed the form attached and are also owed money from this company.

The amount owed by "The Debt Collectors" stands irrespective of liquidation, change of address, company profile or personnel, and we invite you to leave a message in the comments section below (positive and negative) with your contact details.

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