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The Debate Surrounding Usage of Projector Screen for Church

Press Release: January 25, 2017

Portable movie screens are actually not new innovations as many people wrongly believe. The truth is that they predate televisions and are virtually synonymous with the history of cinema. In fact, televisions essentially emulate the basic projection technology only in an advanced form. Apart from their traditional usage as community outdoor screening experiences, the latest products serve a wide range of functions. People use them in homes for gaming, enjoying widescreen movies, daylight outdoor screenings, boardroom presentations, military training camps, churches, and at educational institutions. However, some Church quarters raise the debate on the relevance of connecting religion and materialistic technology.

The discussions range on whether the screening helps or disrupts the spiritual inclinations. The reactions remain mixed many mostly opposing the similitude of business presentations and church sermons. It invokes the eternal debate of the intrusion of evil in a holy sanctum on the loophole of greed. An observer even quoted the Bible in comparing technology to Devil Worship and to the fact that no believer shall serve both, the Lord and Mammon (Matthew 6:24). While the underlying spiritual logic does invoke some contemplation, yet the benefits of using the screen for sermons are numerous. This exclusive report explores both sides of the logic to interpret the reasons of the rising popularity of projections in churches. For more details of portable screens visit at http://elitescreens.com/products/outdoor-projection-screens

The conflict between religion and science is nothing new in Catholic traditions. From Galileo to Copernicus and Darwin, many scientists have had to face this great obstacle to their progress. However, as these times are not the Dark Ages, scientists do not have to suffer from imprisonment or death sentences on accusations of blasphemy. Nevertheless, some ruminants of such unfounded concerns apparently continue to be relevant as people regularly debate if the screens are after all necessary.

Among the views presented by a dissident parish include the complaint that it ruins the pristine heritage of church sermons and thereby misguide the faithful. On the other hand, this premise itself seems rather out of context as the Vatican is well-known for its widespread use of advanced technology in different church purposes. In fact, one of the most memorable movie scenes where it shows the use of projection technology inside the Vatican is quite fittingly at the beginning of the infamous film called ‘The Omen’. The apprehensions evoked apparently have very deep spiritual connotations.

From a purely practical perspective, using a projector screen for church seems to be a fantastic solution from different angles. In a technology oriented world, sticking firmly to orthodox values ultimately cause the disconnection with a modern parish. People are already used to projection technology, and they naturally find their use at the church to be interesting. As for the priest, the recorded narration and impressive displays save a lot of time and trouble. Neither does the father have to speak at the top of the lungs or go back to a particular section with a slight annoyance. It becomes so easy as to rewind the presentation to the desired spot by using a remote. For more details visit at http://elitescreens.com/support/how-to-select-your-projection-screen

The impression delivered is significant if one can prepare an attractive presentation. The digitization of sermons also helps to archive them and promote over the web. Top manufacturers ascertain that there is a marked rise in utilizing projections for religious sermons, not only in churches, but also at other places of worship.

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