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The Death Brothers Are Experts in Dealing with the Supernatural

Press Release: October 08, 2020

The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening is a book written by Dee Rose for the Hangman Universe (HMU). The Universe is sure to be the next comic and superhero craze to sweep the cinematic world.

Denver, Colorado., October 5, 2020 -- Denver author, Dee Rose is pleased to announce the release of his dark fantasy novel, The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening. Just released in late September 2020.

The Death Brothers are the vampire slayer, Jericho Caine, and the demon hunter, Father Thomas Padilla. It has been two weeks since the events in The Hangman Returns. A female angel, Sariel, with romantic intentions toward Jericho, has manipulated history in order to seduce the slayer, which also means she needs to remove Tom Padilla from the picture. She makes a deal with the Hangman to cast a spell to awaken supernatural creatures in New York, which includes, Thaden, a half vampire/half werewolf. Sariel wants Thaden to exterminate Tom so she can have Jericho to herself. However, Thaden and his creator, Dr. Ranken, have other vengeful plans for the Death Brothers.

The Hangman laughed at Sariel. “Looks like Caine and Padilla have finally pissed off more than just the underworld.”

Tom and Jericho are slowly piecing together a plot that could ultimately lead to their deaths. They learn that a rare male vampire siren has been abducted, along with the body of an extinct werewolf, which eventually becomes Thaden, the book’s main villain. Sariel also infiltrates Jericho’s long-lost mother’s life, as added insurance to get close to the slayer.

Susan Taki, Tom’s girlfriend, who is still in a coma, is brought into the picture as leverage against Tom. This brings in the wizard and Grand Librarian, Alexander Merriweather, who was charged with protecting Susan’s unconscious body.

The Hangman’s presence also looms and must be confronted. All of the supernatural elements are brought together in an explosive climax.

Thaden paced. “The Hangman will deal with the Death Brothers, the wizard, and the Taki woman. We have no quarrels with him…just yet.”

The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening is available in both print and eBook format.

Book Details:

The Death Brothers: A Supernatural Awakening
By Dee Rose
Publisher: Dee Rose Books
Published: September 2020
ISBN-10: 0578763974
ISBN-13: 978-0578763972
Pages: 220
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Dark Fantasy

From The Author:
Dee Rose was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. He has two daughters, Nadia, and Nicole. He now resides in Denver, Colorado where he majored in Political Science at Metropolitan State University. He laughs when he remembers the origin of the Hangman Universe, as it was originally a rap song he created. Now, along with his girls, the HMU has become the center of his world.

About Dee Rose Books:
Dee Rose books was created with the idea to promote the writing of Dee Rose. However as time went on, he wanted to spread out and recruit other up and coming writers. One that happens, Dee Rose Books will be a power in the publishing business, where everyone feels they have a home and the proper representation. When authors can find a traditional publisher, we are hoping they can turn to Dee Rose Books and get their foot in the door of the publishing business.

Dion Rosborough
Dee Rose Books
20000 Mitchell Pl #54
Denver, CO 80249

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