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Press Release: October 28, 2020

Coming to the Dupont Network is "The D'mani DeVoe Show". A new talk show, showcasing pop culture, beauty, fashion and other things that matter today. 

Produced by One Family Media Group, LLC. Executive Producer D'mani DeVoe. Premiering as Dupont's First Original Show on November 7th 2020. A must watch. 

I have been working closely with Ms. DeVoe and we both share a great excitement about this show. Thomas Ford (President One Family Media Group, LLC)

One Family Media Group, LLG is a Georgia bases multi media company dba as Dupont Network (TM). 

For more information about this article or on the show visit us at www.ofmgllc.com or watch The D'mani DeVoe Show at www.dupontnow.com  

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Thomas G Ford

Tel: 6787775774

Email: thomas@ofmgllc.com

Visit the newsroom of: Thomas Ford