Press Release: August 21, 2017

A couple of cliches have been ruling the customer service domain for quite a long time now. One that’s said and heard most often is- The customer is always right. With a majority of the businesses moving towards customer centricity, going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations is quite obvious. However, taking all this to an extent where the business’s growth is at stake is not at all advisable. So, the mindsets of the business owners need to rise above all these cliches or else the business is bound to face the obvious consequences. Here’s all that can go wrong when following the norm that a customer is always right:

Gives an unfair advantage to abrasive customers:
Just like a business has loyal and satisfied customers, it’s also bound to have obnoxious customers. These customers are never satisfied and tend to make unreasonable demands. This is so because they are aware of the fact that they can actually get away with it. This not only results in the wastage of a business’s resources but also causes a dissatisfaction in the employees.

Businesses fails to make healthy improvements:
Whenever a company introduces some changes in its products or services, it is bound to get some initial backlash. A business obviously makes changes so as to improve the the user experience. However, these changes are not always welcomed by the users. Now, if the negative feedback is allowed to overpower it may hinder the healthy improvements to the business. So, it’s better to focus on what’s good for the business more than what bad is being talked about.

Makes employees miserable:
When the live chat support agents or the employees are taught that the customer is always right, it kind of makes them feel uneasy. The support team has to deal with every kind of customers in the whole day. They know how pressurizing it can be to handle an obnoxious, irate customer. So, it’s better that instead of supporting the cribbing customers, the employees are supported and provided the motivation that they need.

Worsens the customer service:
The golden rule of customer service is- A customer is happy if your employee is happy. Treating the employees the right way keeps them motivated and happy which further employees they’ll treat your customers better. However, if the employees are taught that the customers are always right, it’s like telling them that they have least importance. This won’t please them and would make the customer service degrade like never before.

Creates bad experience:
As a matter of fact, constantly putting up with irate customers tends to create bad experiences for the more loyal customers. Wisdom lies in accepting the fact that some customers are just not good for your business. So, it’s best to let them go.

Now, that you know that a customer may not always be right, your business is all set to reach new heights within no time!

Source : https://www.livechatagent.com/the-customer-is-always-right-true-or-false/

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