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The crucial software development metrics and KPI's to level up your project

Press Release: July 29, 2020

How can you know the software team you are working with copes with its tasks successfully? This is a common situation when a team promises to be up with quality at each stage of the development process, but the question about how to check its efficiency is still open. This requires key performance indicators (KPIs). Read more in our latest article.

Which team performance measurement methods are appropriate and which should be avoided, we will discuss in our last article. After reading it, you will know if technical talents are doing their best or they can perform even better. 

Productivity metrics to avoid

Before getting started, be aware of inappropriate metrics for software team productivity measurement. These are quantitative KPIs only. They are listed below:

  • Lines of code;
  • Hours worked;
  • Bugs detected;
  • Story points completed.

Why is it better to avoid the metrics described above? The point is that to draw the right conclusions about team productivity quantitative and qualitative KPIs should be combined.

Some of the qualitative metrics that are supposed to make team productivity measurement as fairly as possible are the following: 

  • Sprint burndown;
  • Cumulative flow;
  • Lead time;
  • Cycle time;
  • Team velocity;
  • Defect escape rate.

To get a bigger picture it is necessary to take into account not only all metrics described. The dynamics of problems team faces as well as their overcoming are also indicators that matter. 

The outcome of the work is still important, isn't it? It is affected by numerous factors that can be measured. To figure out exactly how to measure and how beneficial it could be for you (a spoiler is over here: they can be very useful to improve your business), please go to the full version of our last article.

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